Building with the OP Stack

The OP Stack is the decentralized development stack that powers Optimism. The current release of the OP Stack (named “Bedrock”) was designed to facilitate the creation of L2 blockchains that can interoperate with the proposed Optimism Superchain (opens new window). The Superchain is a proposed network of rollups that share a security model, communication protocols, and a common development stack (the OP Stack itself). The best way to get started building with the OP Stack today is to launch your own Bedrock-based Rollup by following our guide to Running a Bedrock Rollup. Bedrock Rollups will be compatible with the Superchain.

You can also experiment with the OP Stack by making modifications to its various components. The OP Stack, as of the Bedrock release, is not explicitly designed to handle any significant modifications out of the box. By modifying the components of the OP Stack, you will likely no longer be compatible with the Superchain. Please also note that there is limited developer support available for modifications to the OP Stack. Have fun, but modify the stack at your own risk!