Introduction to OP Stack Hacks

Welcome to OP Stack Hacks, the highly experimental region of the OP Stack docs. OP Stack Hacks are an unofficial guide for messing around with the OP Stack. Here you’ll find information about ways that the OP Stack can be modified in interesting ways.

OP Stack Hacks create blockchains that aren’t exactly OP Stack, and may be insecure. Hacked OP Stack chains can break key invariants that are required to interoperate with the Optimism Superchain. Developers of chains that wish to interoperate with the Optimism Superchain should not include any hacks. When in doubt, stick with the official components within the current release of the OP Stack.

🚧 OP Stack Hacks are explicitly things that you can do with the OP Stack that are *not* currently intended for production use

OP Stack Hacks are not for the faint of heart. You will not be able to receive significant developer support for OP Stack Hacks — be prepared to get your hands dirty and to work without support.