Release History

The OP Stack codebase is a decentralized development stack maintained by the Optimism Collective and built to power Optimism. The OP Stack is constantly evolving as new layers and modules are developed. The OP Stack codebase is also not a product (in the traditional sense) but rather a collection of software components that power the Optimism ecosystem.

A “Release” of the OP Stack codebase is a particular set of software components that are production-ready and which fit the stack’s design principles and goals.

Only the software components included within the Current Release of the OP Stack codebase are considered in the scope of the OP Stack. Any usage of the OP Stack outside of the official, intended capabilities of the Current Release are considered OP Stack Hacks — unofficial modifications that are useful for experimentation but could have unforeseen results, such as security vulnerabilities, and are likely to cause your chain to no longer be interoperable with the Optimism Superchain (opens new window). Developer support for OP Stack Hacks is limited — when in doubt, stick to the capabilities of the Current Release!

# Current Release

OP Stack codebase V1: Bedrock

# Past Releases