Contribute to the OP Stack

Deprecated Documentation

This documentation is deprecated. Please use our new Technical Documentation Website (opens new window)

The OP Stack is a collaborative, decentralized development stack that only gets more powerful as more people contribute. Code for the OP Stack should follow the stack’s design principles, which means it should be entirely open source and accessible for people to hack on, contribute to, and extend. The Optimism Collective wins when it works together. ♥️✨

Whether you’re a budding protocol developer, dapp developer, bounty hunter, documentation editor, content creator, or anything in between, the OP Stack always has something for you to contribute to. Every contribution makes a difference — no contribution is too small.

If you’re looking to find a way to contribute, check out one of the following contributor pathways below. Come make your first contribution today!

# Component contributions

The OP Stack is a decentralized development stack. Anyone can contribute components that can be considered part of the OP Stack as long as as those components fit the stack’s design principles and goals. To start contributing components to the stack, check out some of these useful ideas (opens new window) and get to building! And don’t forget that projects can also receive funding from the Collective via RetroPGF.

If you’d like to contribute to existing OP Stack code, rather than creating new components, check out the current release of the OP Stack. Any contributions to existing OP Stack components are highly appreciated. If you’re looking for a good way to make your first contribution, check out the Good First Issues (opens new window) on the Optimism Monorepo.

# Bounty hunting

The OP Stack needs YOU (yes you!) to help review the codebase for bugs and vulnerabilities. If you’re interested in bounty hunting, check out our Security Policy, Vulnerability Reporting, and Bug Bounties page.

# Documentation help

Spot a typo in these docs? See something that could be a little clearer? Head over to the Optimism Monorepo where the OP Stack docs are hosted and make a pull request. No contribution is too small!

# Community contributions

If you’re looking for other ways to get involved, here are a few options: